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4 ways wellness programs impact company culture

Corporate wellness programs are company mandated initiatives aimed at maintaining and improving their employees’ health and overall well-being. Wellness programs range from healthier snack and meal options in the breakroom to onsite fitness centers and yoga classes. All have the same goal. To create a happier, more conducive environment employees to thrive and grow.

Workplace wellness programs are a relatively new workplace trend. But for the younger workforce, employees are committed to prioritizing well-being over work and expect their workplace to do so as well. There is a direct correlation between company success and employee well-being. As an employer, it is critical that you recognize that and make strides to incorporate healthy initiatives that will take your company culture to a whole new level.

Implementing an effective company wellness program is beneficial for both the employees and the company. A focus on employee health and wellness:

  • Increases productivity
  • Increases employee retention
  • Promotes personal and professional growth in employees
  • Decreased work-related stress
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Strengthens relationships between employer and employees
  • Boosts morale and motivates employees
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Has an overall impact on health, well-being, and happiness

Wellness programs also have a significant impact on the culture and environment of the workplace. Here's are four ways your office culture is positively influenced by wellness programs.

Wellness reduces stress and promotes mindfulness
Focusing on physical as well as mental wellness in the workplace reduces stress levels and prioritizes mindfulness at work. “Mindfulness” is the practice of being fully present in each moment with an open and freeing attitude. The goal of mindfulness in the office is to create an atmosphere of positive energy that frees employees feeling stressed, judged or overworked. This can help employees perform better, ignore distractions, and make better decisions throughout the day.

Sustained levels of stress can be harmful and may lead to numerous health issues that show up in professional and personal relationships, and contribute to poor work performance. Creating a less stressful, mindful environment, enhances a sense of culture and connectedness that can drive more creativity and innovation while reducing absenteeism, burnout, and turnover. An effective leader will foster a workplace culture that prioritizes office well-being and helps their employees cope with challenging times.

Wellness enhances community between team members
Making employees feel that they belong is an important aspect of a successful wellness program. Feeling safe, supported and appreciated at work can go a long way to improve performance and productivity. As humans, we crave contact and connection with other people, which makes social interactions incredibly important for offices. Work relationships matter and fostering teamwork creates a work culture that values connections and collaborations. It also creates a sense of community between employees which builds trust and strengthens team bonding.

The impacts of these relationships can either positively or negatively affect an employee’s stress levels, productivity and general feelings of happiness. These factors not only affect an employee’s work performance but their mental health too. In a positive work environment, thinking, planning, decisions, and taking action is done much more cooperatively. Encouraging a collaborative work environment makes teams and individuals feel like a valued part of your workplace. Which begins to translate in everyday interactions with leadership, coworkers, and customers.

Wellness increases employee motivation and productivity
People who feel empowered to improve their health and wellbeing become motivated to improve other areas of their lives as well, such as work. Employees who prioritize wellness are more productive and feel more motivated to do their best. That motivation increases their engagement and makes their performances much more productive. Which has better results for the company and achieving revenue goals. While motivated, employees have a strong sense of company loyalty, are more willing to perform, more innovative, and less likely to become stressed, unmotivated workers are just as noticeable.

Productivity is directly affected when employees aren’t at their best, physically and mentally. Healthy employees are productive employees, but employers and corporate leaders need to ensure that wellness programs are all-encompassing, both mental and physical health needs must be met. When you invest in your employees, you see an immediate return. If you have motivated employees, you will be motivated too.

Wellness increases the company's competitive edge
When done right, an employee wellness program can deliver; increased productivity and efficiency of work, improved employee morale, and engagement, and strengthen teamwork and collaboration amongst employees. Businesses that promote a culture of wellness have a competitive edge because employees are focused and dedicated to the company. When employees are dedicated, operations run smoothly. When your company runs more smoothly, you can produce a better product or service than your competition.

Many employees today want to work, and they want their lives. They expect the two to mesh with no troubles. Your wellness program takes a step towards that seamless connection because it provides a “life” component to the workplace. Doing so allows you to attract talented employees who stick around with the company in the long haul. A wellness program is an excellent way to show potential employees that you care about them. When employees feel cared for at work, they’ll be more engaged, more productive and more willing to come to and stay with your company. Aside from meeting company goals, a wellness program can help you to attract talented employees, and maintain a positive image compared to your competitors.

With a healthy, supportive company culture in place, your workplace will thrive in results and drastically improve employee health and wellbeing. Now is the time to design a comprehensive wellness program that supports the overall health and performance of all your employees. Contact Tenant Wellness today to get started.

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