About Us

Tenant Wellness was created to meet the needs of employees by providing an on-site wellness program of exercise, guided activities, and mental stimulation. Programs and activities that promote physical, mental and emotional health that result in better productivity and a healthier lifestyle.

Our instructors are certified wellness practitioners with current CPR certifications.

Providing low impact poses to enhance balance, flexibility, and strength.

Guided relaxation to re-charge. Personalized through mindful meditation techniques.

Thoughtful guidance engaging breathe, self-awareness and cognitive flexibility.

Our Team

Greg Goree


Nicole Jane Shaw

Lead Yoga and Wellness Trainer

Lauren Margolies

Sound Meditation and Yoga

SIFI Fayne Bouguyon, LMT.

Qigong and Sound Meditation

Bobby Garcia

Tai Chi Instructor

Hisako Hanson

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Nina Aiyana

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

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