Tenant Wellness offers a full suite of yoga classes.

Our instructors are certified wellness practitioners with current CPR certifications. Providing low impact yoga poses to enhance balance, flexibility, and strength. Lending access to all ages and physical strength.

*No experience necessary.

Stretch & Restore (45 mins)

Slower pace yoga with intention targets the connective tissues through deep stretches. Helps you to restore muscles by relaxing and releasing. Nourishing practice enhances your flexibility allowing your body to refresh and restore.

Simple Basics (45 mins)

Build a strong foundation. Learn common poses while mindfully connecting to your breath and movement. Building balance and flexibility. Develop mental stimulation and emotional health. Modification offered to suite individual needs.

Creative Flow (45 mins)

Vinyasa yoga means arranging something in a different way. In this case, coordinating breathing with movement as you move from one yoga pose to another. Develops strength, flexibility and skill level. Leaves you feeling alert and energized across multiple dimensions.

Yoga and meditation can actually reverse stress-related changes in genes linked to poor health.

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